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Florida’s parched swamps and sprawling subdivisions set the stage  for a look at water crisis throughout the American East, from  water-diversion threats in the Great Lakes to tapped-out  freshwater aquifers along the Atlantic seaboard.

 Blue Revolution

 Award-winning journalist Cynthia Barnett reports on the many  ways  one  of the most water-rich nations on the planet has  squandered its way to scarcity, and  argues  the best solution is  also the simplest and least expensive: a water ethic for America.



 Twelve North Florida Springs--and the aquifer that  feeds  them--form the nucleus of this book  through the art and  writing of artist Margaret  Ross Tolbert.

Ditch of Dreams
Ditch of Dreams

Steven Noll and David Tegeder trace the twists and turns of the project through the years, drawing on a wealth of archival and primary sources. Far from being a simplistic morality tale of good environmentalists versus evil canal developers, the story of the Cross Florida Barge Canal is a complex one of competing interests amid the changing political landscape of modern Florida. 
 Paving Paradise
 In an award-winning newspaper series, two investigative  reporters from the St. Petersburg Times chronicled how  federal rules meant to protect the nation's wetlands were  more illusion than law. Now, that series has been  expanded into a book, delving into how we got to this  point, starting with land speculators making waterfront  property out of sand dredged from the bottom of the ocean. Now, read how the nation's wetlands protections were formed in clashes between developers, bureaucrats, judges, activists and con artists over Florida swamps.

Finding FloridaFinding Florida
Over its long history, Florida has been many things: a native realm protected by geography; a wilderness that ruined Spanish conquistadors; a place to start over; "god's waiting room." With a native population as high as 900,000 (who all died), it became a pestilential backwater with a few thousand inhabitants, but today is our fourth most populous state, with nineteen million. The site of vicious racial violence, including massacres, slavery, and the roll-back of Reconstruction, Florida is now one of our most diverse states, a dynamic multicultural place with an essential role in 21st century America.

Finding the Fountain of Youth: Ponce de Leon and Florida's Magical Waters

Rick Kilby has been a resident of Florida since the mid '60s when his parents migrated from the snowy land of Michigan. Graduating with a degree in graphic design from the University of Florida, Kilby worked as an art director for a Central Florida attraction and a golf company before launching his own graphic design business in 2000. Committed to spreading the gospel about preserving the natural and historic resources of Florida, his mission is to motivate other Floridians to appreciate the wonders of their state. @OldFLA on Twitter.

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