Research at Silver Springs

In late 2013, the Florida Springs Institute completed an update on the ecological condition of Silver Springs. 

To view the full report, follow this link.

The Florida Springs Institute report was prepared for the Springs Institute by Wetland Solutions, Inc. with financial support from private donations and a grant from the Felburn Foundation.Unfortunately, it documents the continuing decline in spring flows and deteriorating water quality at this spring group. These findings provide an emphatic wake-up call that the state’s efforts at establishing minimum flows and levels and a basin management action plan need to be completed and fully implemented as soon as possible to protect this iconic symbol of Florida’s natural treasures.


On May 11, 2013, Dr. Robert L. Knight of the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute, gave a presentation at SSA's public forum. See Dr. Knight's PowerPoint slides about what it will take to restore Silver Springs.

Data below provided by Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute

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